Post - Construction Cleaning

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Our specialized post-construction service is specific for finished construction projects. We go in before the project is released and we deep clean inside and out. To do this we bring special tools and cleaning supplies to provide a careful and detailed cleaning.

We know how important the cleanliness of a construction project is: it is the moment when all of the hard work and efforts to create and present the best project come together, and we are here to help you reach that goal.

Our cleaning crew must dust, clean, sweep, and scrub every surface, including appliances, furniture, wall accessories, and windows. On the outside area, trash will be removed and remaining debris found on the lot will be collected. All of this will further provide a necessary aesthetic and order. We would love to work towards that goal for you.

Final Cleaning

Job site final cleaning, taking care of every detail to guarantee a final clean finish on all areas, this process requires specialized tools and highly trained personnel to provide our customers with their total satisfaction.

Touch-up Cleaning

This cleaning phase is carried out after previous Rough cleaning and allows us to return and give the final touch before the construction is occupied, eliminating dust that is still in the environment, checking every detail to leave the site sparkly clean.

prices in this service range from $0.3 to $0.6 cents per square foot.

All areas (windows, floors, ac conducts, counters, furniture, etc) are taken into account in your project, with the best solution for you always on mind!

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Frequent questions

How do I know the final cost?

Quite easily. You can call us through our attention call-line in WhatsApp and one of our highly-trained operators will schedule a visit to your project to specify job details and create an estimated cost for your approval.

How do I know how much the final cost of my cleaning will be?

The best way to find this out is by requesting a personalized visit from our operators to provide an accurate estimate.

Where is CH Waste Services based and where does it deliver its services?

CH Waste Services is based in Miami, FL. We specialize in the southern area of Florida, mostly focusing in Broward and Miami Dade county.

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Our Post - Construction Cleaning